Nancy DeFilippis

Vice President / Creative Photographer

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My Story

Thank you for considering D&N Photography.  A little about me. Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Brooklyn NY, I have been behind a camera for over 30 years.   Finishing my BA Degree in Marketing - Communications, Advertising, and Creative Photography. I have competed in thousands of competitions, ranking in the top 100 and  my photos have been exhibited in a Galleries like  (Athens, Greece), (Barcelona, Spain), (Tel-Aviv, Israel), (Berlin, Germany), (Lisbon, Portugal) and (Edinburgh, Scotland) to name a few.  My greatest joy is to take that image, freeze it in time, and portray its beauty.  I look forward in working with you on your weddings, special events, family shots, portraits or even your fantasy shots.  When you get excited after a full day shooting to see the result, you know you have chosen something you truly love and need to share it with the world.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(941) 807-7963